Justice is Dead

Book written by Jozef Demcak

Justice is dead is Jozef’s story, ; 500 pages of the brave quest detail the lengths one man will go to in order to escape corruption and brutality while striving toward the freedom he desperately desires.

Get ready for one thrilling ride!

Justice is Dead is a book held by a woman.

From police corruption to Love that wins Freedom: Return to the captivating (and unbelievable) story of Jozef Demcak in this revealing tale of abuse, punishment, and comedy. His moving story will take you on an unforgettable journey – one that is equal parts tragedy, shock, and hilarity!

Jozef’s brave quest details the lengths one man will go to in order to escape corruption and brutality while striving toward the freedom he desperately desires. With thrilling scenes full of police chases, captures, daring escapes and even an attempted assassination, no reader can help but be drawn into this incredible story.

Experience the true account of Jozef’s unfortunate experiences first-hand. As world events land him in trouble with the police and local authorities, he must negotiate cleverly between them as a means of survival. With incredible luck and some insane courage, Jozef manages to stay alive in the face of brutality — a truly inspiring feat. His will to win back his freedom drives this narrative forward at a captivating pace.

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Justice is Dead,

Excerpt 1, from Chapter four.

In the meantime, the police made a deal with a local crook nicknamed Belavi. He was a local gypsy, small-time crook, and pimp. He was willing to testify anything in the world as long there was something in it for him. Pimp Belavi was ready to persuade all his gypsy prostitutes to say anything the police needed.

All he had managed so far was to line up a few gypsies that he had procured for prostitution. They were going to the Czech Republic, close to the German border, where German Johns was looking for a quick and cheap company. German marks (German currency at the time) were valuable in exchange for Slovak koruna. German Johns knew the advantage of crossing the border to the Czech Republic. It would cost them fifty or more marks for a piece of “love” in their homeland and just ten marks for the same piece, if not a better one.

Gypsy prostitutes did not bring just German money in their purses. They also brought some gifts, which they hid between their legs.

Justice is dead book featuring a middle-aged couple reading at home.

Justice is Dead,

Excerpt 3, continue from Chapter four.

The gypsy pimp figured out that I was the best object for what was his hope for a big score. He had gotten tired of small-time crimes, which got him in and out of ail anvway. I owned a lovelv summer house there. He also dreamed that I had a pile of monev hidden under mv pillow. The monev he hoped would be his one dav. He was known around Trebisov only as Belavi (which means blue in English).

He had a plan, which he hoped could make his financial situation much more favourable. At first, he had his girls call me and offer me a good time. When I wasn’t interested, the girls threatened me that if I did not go with them, they would spread lies around town, claiming that I had gone.

The figured that if I wanted to avoid embarrassment, maybe I would go with them or give them some monev. The more I kept refusing, the more aggressive they got.

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Justice is Dead,

Excerpt 2, continue from Chapter four.

Dr. Bobik was one of the first to discover it. It was when he diagnosed sexually transmitted diseases, including syphilis. It reached almost epidemic proportions in a small town of eastern Slovakia—Trebisov. (Dr. – Doctor)

Dr. Bobik was a recognized doctor and a specialist in skin and sexually transmitted diseases. He was my neighbour when I still had my summer house next to his. The doctor was a lovely neighbour. One afternoon, he visited my place to see how it was going with the installation of gas pipes in my basement for my new water heater. The installer was our mutual friend. We got to talking about who had the best job.

“You have it made,” said the doctor to me. “All these nice ladies around you at those beauty contests you produce.”

“Your job is not bad,” I address the plumber. “Your hands get dirty now and then, but look how busy you are, and at the big money you are making.”

Then we both turned to the doctor and said with a lot of jealousy, “But pussy, looking at pussies … that’s the job.”

Chapter four.
The Honest Are Lying, and the Smart Are Stupid
”Do not let anybody shit on your head; open your mouth.”
(Slovak proverb)